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Our clients' financial statements are prepared under the strict guidelines of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. As a result, greater financial statement credibility inures to our clients' benefit.

At Hodgdon, Wilson & Griffin, preparing high quality financial statements is not the end result of our accounting services, it is only the beginning. We can show our clients how to best use their financial statements to obtain a new or more favorable loan, plan an acquisition or the sale of their business, and improve cash flow and profitability, among other uses.

Hodgdon, Wilson and Griffin

Our job is to show clients how to use their financial statements as a vibrant management tool -- not as a forgotten piece of history.

Service, second to none


Clients of Hodgdon, Wilson & Griffin benefit from our dedication to providing them with innovative tax minimization strategies and techniques. Sometimes, those strategies may be on the "cutting edge" of current tax law while others should more properly be conservative. Through careful counsel, the best approach to solving difficult tax problems can be determined.

Our extensive experience and concentration in tax matters gives our clients the advantage they need to preserve their well-earned wealth.

Our clients can expect from us:

  • Creative tax minimization ideas.
  • Timely and accurately prepared tax filings.
  • Understandable and practical advice.
  • Aggressive representation against the IRS if audited.

While particularly skilled and knowledgeable in taxation, our services also extend into other areas as well.

Accountants with ideas


There When Needed
In an increasingly difficult economic environment our clients benefit from a range of sophisticated services to help them make intelligent decisions.

Financial, Retirement and Estate Planning
We work in harmony with attorneys, bankers and other professional counselors.

We can develop the strategies and arrive at informed decisions for business and financial success.

Purchase or Sale of a Business
We help buyers and sellers implement strategies to realize their greatest shareholder value, both pre- and post-tax.

Performance that excels