Hodgdon, Wilson & Griffin

About Us

Hodgdon, Wilson & Griffin, Certified Public Accountants, P.A., is a full service accounting firm offering tax, accounting, auditing, planning and consulting services.

Our success is built on a proven track record of helping a wide range of commercial, professional and individual clients improve their bottom lines. Each of our partners draws from experience to complement the dynamic and progressive approach of an independent locally owned business.

Financial Statments

Our clients' financial statements are prepared under the strict guidelines of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. As a result, greater financial statement credibility inures to our clients' benefit.

Our job is to show clients how to use their financial statements as a vibrant management tool -- not as a forgotten piece of history.


Clients of Hodgdon, Wilson & Griffin benefit from our dedication to providing them with innovative tax minimization strategies and techniques. Sometimes, those strategies may be on the "cutting edge" of current tax law while others should more properly be conservative. Through careful counsel, the best approach to solving difficult tax problems can be determined.

Other Services

  • Financial, Retirement and Estate Planning
  • Consulting
  • Purchase or Sale of a Business

Provide the finest service;
Be a complete CPA firm;
Grow as our community grows;
Foster employee development; and
Be a community asset.
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